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Most Fearsome Bearded Dungeons & Dragons Villains

We're well used to the mustache-twirling villains through fiction. It's a staple feature of detective stories and other tales of the dastardly and conniving. In fantasy, however, you're...

Joe Nightingale

Incredible Holiday Gifts for Men with Beards

As a wise man once said: To men, beards are for life, not just for Christmas. Still, that doesn't stop most of us from hoping for some beard goodies from Santa's bag. After all, the big fel...

Joe Nightingale

5 Benefits of Brushing and Combing Your Beard

  Listen to some so-called "beard experts," and you'd think that to master beardcraft, you'd have to spend a small fortune. Beyond the basics of beard oil, they talk of b...

Joe Nightingale

Beard Competitions: A Brief But Bushy History

Yes! Beard contests are absolutely a thing. While most of us style our beards for ourselves or our partners, some men take it to the next level. Competing with beard growers from all over...

Joe Nightingale

No Shave November: What's the deal?

It's that time of year again. No, not Halloween. I mean No Shave November, of course, AKA Movember. The one glorious month once a year when men all over the world go cold turkey on their razor...

Joe Nightingale

The Greatest Bearded Video Game Characters... Ever!

Here at Beard Sorcery, we debate beards all the time. What's better, a full-beard or a balboa? Is the soul patch ever acceptable? But few debates cause as much back-biting, banter, and bickeri...

Joe Nightingale

Bad Habits to Avoid When Growing a Beard

We, the bearded few, often make a fatal mistake when growing our beards. We assume it's all about a hands-off approach. Stop cutting and trimming and shaving - and, as if by magic, your beard...

Joe Nightingale

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