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Marvel vs. DC: Which Villains have the Greatest Beards?

What is it we love about comic books? Heroic deeds. Epic battles. Bold character designs. Perhaps, it’s not the heroes that hold our attention at all. Perhaps, it’s devilish and dastardly villains....

Joe Nightingale

Hollywood's Top Beard Trendsetters

Beards are a sign of the era. Back in the golden days of Hollywood, Sinatra or Cary Grant wouldn't be seen dead with so much as a sniff of stubble. It was renegade actors like Marlon Brando who spo...

Joe Nightingale

Top 10 Most Iconic Movie Villains Beards of All Time

There’s something about men with beards: they’re the bad boys. They don’t play by the rules. Indeed, research shows men with beards are less trustworthy than their fresh-faced counterparts. Little...

Joe Nightingale

6 Awful Beard Problems and How They’re Caused

Beards, beards, glorious beards. Is there anything better? If you’re growing your first beard, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Even seasoned beard growers may find themselves stroking the...

Joe Nightingale

Beard Practices Throughout the Ages

The history of beards is as long and tangled as the beards themselves. While prehistoric men likely grew them for warmth and protection, civilization sparked a greater interest. Soon men were coiff...

Joe Nightingale

Did All Pirates Have Beards?

Tricorn hats. Eye patches. Peglegs. Jolly Rogers. These are all the hallmarks of a pirate. But there’s one other feature we often see: beards. From Jack Sparrow to Captain Hook, fictional pirates...

Joe Nightingale

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