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Everything You Need to Know About Donating Beard Hair

Do you ever find yourself staring down at all the beard hair, wondering if it can be put to good use? No. Well, maybe you should. Donating hair is an increasingly common choice for many – but one t...

Joe Nightingale

10 Best Bearded Sci-Fi Captains

It's strange – kings, wizards, and warriors almost always sport some kind of beard or stubble. It's a staple of the fantasy genre. Sci-fi captains, on the other hand, either to differentiate themse...

Joe Nightingale

Which US Presidents Had Beards

Did you know that since 1913, every single US president hasn't had a beard? Surprising, right? Perhaps what's even more surprising was how common beards were in the preceding decades – beards were...

Joe Nightingale

Why Do Amish Men Have Beards?

Think of the Amish, and you picture barn raisings, rolling green pastures, traditional technologies, and… beards. Yes, the beard is an icon of Amish culture. But not just any old beard – big, bushy...

Joe Nightingale

Why Did the Knights Templar Grow Beards?

Even after more than 700 years since they disappeared, the Knights Templar – the ultimate medieval crusader – still continues to fascinate us. Some say they live on within the Freemasonry movement...

Joe Nightingale

History of Shaving | Tools, Customs, and Beliefs

Shaving has never been so easy. Thanks to electric shavers, disposable razors, and inexpensive cartridges, shaving is an everyday occurrence – something you give no more mind to than brushing your...

Joe Nightingale

Beard Psychology | What Your Beard Says About You

Beards are more than a fashion statement; they reveal something about who you are (or who you want the world to think you are). They're an insight into our personal identity, right? A choice only y...

Joe Nightingale

Which States Grow the Most Facial Hair?

From the iconic chinstrap of Abe Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt's legendary mustache, facial hair isn't just a trend—it's a riveting chapter in America's cultural saga. This isn't merely about the mod...

Joe Nightingale

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