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We began, like many other beard brands, as nothing more than a thoughtful stroke of the beard. However, our story is born of necessity. Our founder, the First Beard Sorcerer, sported a beard for years and through toil and hard work, learned the best way to win the war with beard itch. He trod the secret paths of the Rystall Wood and formed close alliances with the Forest Druids living there, all to craft an enchanted tonic – one that would literally change the faces of the world. The First discovered that not only could you eliminate the itch, but you’d be well on your way to growing a Legendary Beard. Using enchanted, all-natural, and high-quality beard products, the First led the way to the creation of our Beardcraft Guild, where we quest for the best in beards and protect the secret magicks of Beard Sorcery.

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The Main Quest

We’re here to set the record straight. We’re not just a bunch of overgrown wizards in an old tower. Our ranks support all kinds of adventurers, from barbarians, rogues, paladins, warlocks, and fighters (even some rangers!) enjoying their beards to the best of their ability thanks to our proud efforts. We don’t discriminate – we’ll even help elves grow beards! Check out our reviews and see for yourself.

Beard Sorcerers are more than just Legendary beardsmen. We love fun, games, and community! We have a penchant for fantasy tabletop games, though many of our Beard Sorcerers enjoy FPS and MMORPG games as well. Most of our inspiration is derived from the worlds of tabletop gaming, especially Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40k, Vampire the Masquerade and Pathfinder. Though we are not affiliated in any way with these brands, we love working with community members who are passionate about tabletop games and growing beautiful manes of facial hair.

We believe that no man deserves to be denied the experience of his full bearded potential. Our Beardcraft Guild was created with this in mind by Beard Sorcerers who wanted community and wisdom to guide their bearded quest. With the magic of Beard Sorcery, no man needs stay shaven for fear of bristles or patches. We only use 100% natural oils, made right here in the USA, combined with potent magic for the highest quality and retention.

We exist to curate a magical and memorable Bearded Experience, unlike any other. Wherever you are on your bearded journey, we’re happy to have you. Send us a message or check out The Book of Beardcraft for any questions or tips on growing a Legendary Beard. Join our Beardcraft Guild and you’ll get early access to VIP perks and promos.

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We quest hard to bring bearded excellence to all adventurers.

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