Beard Wash & Conditioner: The Ultimate Guide

Ever suffer from beard dandruff or dry, flaky facial skin despite washing with your favorite normal shampoo or conditioner? It's definitely a frustrating thing. But there's always a reason to the cause - very often, conditioners and shampoos are just not formulated for your face or its hair.

How is Beard Wash & Conditioner Different?

In fact, bar soap and OTC shampoos can do a lot of damage to all your well-earned growth. Both will strip your beard hair and face of its natural moisture and protective layer. The skin on your face is far more sensitive and comes in contact with many more external toxins than your scalp.

Our Beard Wash & Conditioner are specially formulated with natural ingredients to clean your beard without stripping away moisture and is beard and face-safe. We just created our very own lineup of beard wash and conditioner, so we wanted to prepare the Guild with a guide of use before we make available our enticing wares. So, without further ado, check our our complete guide on Beard Wash and Conditioner!

How to Use Beard Wash

Using shampoo is one of the most important parts of cleaning your beard. Shampoo helps to loosen oil and grime, and generally clean your beard hair. The best place wash your beard is during your normal bathing routine, or over the sink. Our beards take in a lot of foreign particles while they protect our faces - dirt, food, smoke, beer, germs and more. As a result, the more you do, the more you should commit yourself to a regular beard shampoo schedule. 

  • Make sure the shampoo is formulated for beards and for your skin type.
  • Don't use regular hair shampoo, as this may dry the skin under your beard.
  • Shampoo your beard several times a week. The frequency depends on how dirty and oily your beard is. If you work outdoors, sweat a lot, and come into contact with dirt, you may need to shampoo every other day.
  • Lather your beard with a quarter size amount of beard shampoo and, if needed, use more until the beard is sufficiently lathered. You don't need to overdo it; a little goes a long way!
  • Massage the beard, top-down, with the lather
  • Rinse your beard with warm water, until all the shampoo is washed away (no more bubbles).

How to Use Beard Conditioner

After washing your beard with your favorite scent of Beard Sorcery shampoo, you should use a special beard conditioner. To avoid weird-smelling combinations we recommend matching scents with your wash and conditioner. Our beard conditioners are formulated especially to address coarse, dry beard hair. Conditioning your beard will soften the hair and moisturize your skin underneath. When conditioning, remember to:

  • Shampoo first.
  • Massage in the conditioner.
  • Let it sit. Up to 5 minutes for more absorption is recommended.
  • Rinse it out thoroughly.

Typically, this is the best time to apply a Beard Sorcery beard oil, balm or cream. Check out our article on the differences between beard balm and cream for more beardcraft studying.


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