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Magical Moustache Wax



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Forged with fire and steel to strengthen and protect your beard.
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Dwarven Artificer Moustache Wax


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Dwarven Artificer

More at home by the forge than the campfire? Our Dwarven Artificer has joined the party! With warm notes of sandalwood and smoky oud, smoothly folded into steely bergamot, this blend was crafted to protect your beard and help it grow ever stronger.

Primary Notes

Earthy fire, steely smoke

Aroma Profile

A bold blend of sandalwood, smoky oud, steely Italian Bergamot and warm spices.

Fragrance Type

Warm, earthy, smooth and spicy

Berserker's Rage Ingredients
Hansome bearded man thinking.

Moustache Wax

Upgrade Your Moustache

Hold That Lasts
Our natural moustache wax is perfect for controlling your lip whiskers all day long. Infused with shea butter and white beeswax, our wax keeps your moustache’s shape intact and moisturized all day!
Moisturizes Your Moustache
When you want your moustache to appear more voluminous and full, use our moustache wax! The all-natural formula our Beard Sorcerers prepare includes shea butter and natural oils (like Argan, Jojoba, Avocado and more) to create a balanced conditioning blend.
All Natural + Handmade Ingredients
No chemicals, no plastic, no weird stuff. Except the magic, of course! Our blend of 100% white beeswax, shea butter, and natural oils feels clean to the touch and is easy to remove from your moustache at the end of the day with one of our awesome Beard Washes.

Why beard sorcery?

Beard Sorcery Makes a Difference.

Handmade moustache wax from Longmont, Colorado.

High Quality Shea Butter.
Famous for its hydrating and moisturizing properties, shea butter absorbs into your skin and beard quickly, letting the moisture lock in while restoring your beard hair’s natural protective barrier.
100% Pure White Beeswax.
Our beeswax has fantastic skin-softening properties and enhances skin elasticity. It’s also the reason behind our moustache wax’s great hold and lets your style your moustache with ease.
Pure Jojoba.
Cultivated and used by the O'odham nation of Arizona, Jojoba oil is best known for its moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that maintains hair balance with Vitamin C, B, and E.
Virgin Argan Oil.
This nutty, edible oil has been used for centuries by the people of Morocco and Algeria, as a food and a moisturizer. Protect your moustache from everyday damage: pollution, UV rays, dry air, and breakage.
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How to use Moustache Wax:

First, you wanted to start with a clean face and a clean moustache. We recommend drying your facial hair as best you can before applying wax, as wax does not hold to damp or wetness. Scrape a pea-sized amount from the tin with the back of your thumbnail. Rub between your fingers until it's pliable and soft and apply to your moustache, from the center and then outwards. Spread wax as evenly as you can and then shape into desired look with your fingers. A beard comb would help spread the wax evenly in this step. If wax gets sticky and difficult to shape, use a blow dryer on low to twist and form moustache to desired style.

Congrats! It's that easy to learn how to style a 'stache. Enjoy your new look!

Each of our beard products is made from carefully selected ingredients and materials to ensure anyone who wants to grow a beard has the best experience. All of our ingredients are all natural and chemical free.

Wax: 100% Pure White Beeswax, Naturally Refined Shea Butter, Virgin Argan Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hempseed Oil. Scented with Premium Grade Essential Oils.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back. Notify us within 90 days of receiving your Beard Sorcery product, and we'll offer a complete refund or exchange.

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