Winter Beard Care Tips to Help Survive the Cold Freeze

When the cold months roll around, we're all grateful for our beards. While other cheeks are frozen frigid in the bracing winds, we're all wrapped up warm in our facial fuzz. (There's a reason Santa Claus has such a big bushy beard!) Except, our beards aren't all that keen on Old Man Winter - the extra dryness or moisture can trigger coarseness, itching, extra frizz, beard acne, and flaking.

Before you know it, your beard descends into wildness - and it's up to you to spend weeks, or even months, caring and tending to your frozen split-ends. Or, you could practice a bit of winter beard care to keep your facial fuzz in immaculate condition no matter the weather.

Let's dice into some winter beard care tips for surviving the cold weather.

Winter beard care tips

Don't overdo the heat

As the mercury drops, it's tempting to crank up the heat and hunker down at home. But, as you do so, remember, you are causing dehydration to your face and beard - space heaters are a notable culprit.

That's not to say you should stay frigid; you need to keep warm. But increasing the inside temperature too much will play havoc with your hair and skin's moisture levels. That goes for hot showers, too - they'll dry your skin like a raisin.

Remember to oil

You'll never escape some dehydration, especially if you prefer your showers a little hotter. An absolute must of winter beard care, therefore, is ensuring you nourish and hydrate your beard. You can resolve the dryness that plagues the colder months with a few drops of beard oil daily.

Go the extra mile by using a beard moisturizer and beard balm as well. Remember to brush through any product you use to get a more even spread.

Never overwash

When you wash your beard, you remove some of the natural oils; wash too vigorously, and you'll strip away all this goodness. You need to wash your beard wisely.

Never use a commercial "head" shampoo on your beard. It'll strip all the oil out, causing your beard to become brittle. Combined with the dry winter air, it's a death knell for even the most luxurious beards. Instead, use a specially formulated beard wash that'll seal the hair, preventing nutrient loss. You should also only wash your beard once or twice a week, rinsing with warm water in-between alongside a good brush.

Speaking of which...

Always brush

Brushing your beard is an essential part of beardcraft; you should do it rain or shine. In winters, it's especially important, however. You'll want to gently exfoliate any dry skin buried deep beneath your beard and spread your beard oil evenly throughout.

Take your boar bristle beard brush and stroke in a downward motion. The boar bristles won't get tangled in your hair - so there are no painful snags or pulling.

No rubbing or picking

Stroking your beard or picking at it is a real pleasure, sometimes. It feels like heaven! Yet, winter makes your skin and beard hair a little itchier; scratching too much can inflame the skin, risk infection, or even cause ingrown hairs.

You'll also disrupt normal growth. Scratch too much for too long, and you can develop patches in your beard. That's not a good look! While the occasional scratch won't cause any harm, be careful not to make a habit of it.

Dress for the weather

You'll want to avoid dampness and coldness affecting your beard too much. No grumbling about the weather; it's time to ensure you wear the right protection. Always bring an umbrella - to stop your beard from getting full of moisture. And wrap a scarf around your chin. Alongside a coat's high collar, it keeps your beard snug and warm, out of the brutal chill.

Trust us - a good beard is a pampered and protected beard.

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