When is a Beard too long?

 We know: it seems sacrilege even to suggest there's such a thing as too much beard. After decades of being fresh-faced, the beard is finally back! Why then would you want to cut it down to size? If you can grow a full beard, why not go for it?

That's great in practice; in reality, it's a little less debonair and a lot more hobo-chic. So, unless you want to avoid looking like you've been locked in a tower for half a century, follow our complete guide to beard length.

Here are a few signs it's time for a trim.

You're getting looks

When you first grow your beard, you feel invigorated, more confident, more of a man. If it's your first time, it's easy to get carried away. More beard surely means the feeling only gets stronger. You notice that women are taking notice. You're getting compliments. But there's a fine line when the compliments turn to comments; looks turn to stares.

As a simple rule: beards are there to compliment the man, not overshadow him. If you notice people staring - wide-eyed and aghast - it's time to go for the buzz.

You find more than a few crumbs

We've all been there: you're grooming your beard only to find a few crumbs from your lunch. Mmmm, you think, a snack! Don't worry; we don't judge. A few crumbs are one thing; however, a messy beard that's impossible to clean is another entirely. Here at BEARD SORCERY, we're all about beard grooming. Beards should be shaped and sharp. Not fuzzy and in desperate need of fumigation.

If you see the local birds eyeing up a potential nest, you're gone full Castaway. That's never a good look!

You find it a nuisance

Beauty, or rather style, often comes with a sacrifice. Women put up with high heels and too-tight dresses. But there are few things more aggravating than an unkempt beard. The endless itch, the pain, the getting-it-stuck-in-your-keys-when-you-go-to-scratch... it's Hell on Earth!!!

You don't need to shave it all off. But give it a trim and rub in a healthy dose of one of our beard oil tonics. You can thank us later!

Your partner gives you the ultimatum

What's a man to choose: his partner or his beard? After months of subtle hints and quiet comments, she's finally said it: trim that beard, or I walk. That's a serious ultimatum. Maybe it is time to contemplate picking up a pair of scissors and tidying up the edges.

For every man, the perfect beard length is going to differ. Soul patches and mustaches need a regular trim. Full-beards, however, can grow and grow. There's no golden rule. Nevertheless, keeping on top of your beard hygiene: trimming the wild hairs, rubbing in your beard oil, and investing in a beard comb will help tame your facial fuzz.

But if it's a choice between you and your partner: take it from us, always pick your partner!


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