We're Going to Boulder Creek Festival!

Hey Beardcrafters! It's been a while since we've made any company updates and we have some exciting news to share!

First, we wanted to thank everyone who went to Genghis Con in Aurora, CO this past February. It was amazing to meet so many awesome people who share the passion for growing wizard-wonderful beards! It was super encouraging to get feedback from more of the gaming community directly. We had a blast and are pleased to announce our next upcoming event: Boulder Creek Festival!

Read on for more details.

When Beard Sorcery began, we were just a couple of wizards hiding out in the tallest tower in Longmont, Colorado. Well, we're still in the tower but we're moving up - all thanks to our awesome growing community of Beardcrafters. Our story first started on May 25th, 2021 and truly, we did not know the future. All of our wizards had used up their spell slots... but we made it through and we're going strong!

Our partners on Youtube have also boosted our brand and we are pleased to work together with such awesome dudes towards Bearded Glory - Shoutout to Play On Tabletop Productions and Skallagrim! We also got the word out on CBS, Fox News, and USAToday - We are stoked for public opinion to be so overwhelmingly positive. Sometime in the near future, we will be showcasing more of our sponsorships, with a new page for community members to connect!

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we are doing a week-long sale starting Monday, May 23rd to May 30th. Check out our newsletter for more details on the online sale! We're also raffling some awesome prizes while we're at the festival - first place wins a whole set of Beard Sorcery products in the scent of their choice while second place wins their choice of any one beard product for FREE. So, if you love our beard products and want to introduce some free magic into your life, come sign up for the raffle at the Festival!

Where: The festival is located along the Boulder Creek from 9th Street to 14th Street between Canyon Blvd and Arapahoe Ave.

What: Live music, local beer & various alcohol vendors, artisans, Boulder-based fine-art vendors, family-friendly events, nonprofits, food trucks, and more! Entry is free but the Beer Festival does charge a nominal fee. 

When: Memorial Day Weekend! Saturday May 28th through Monday May 30th 

With over 100,000 visitors over the long weekend, this event is sure to be a blast! Come meet the team and enjoy live music, local eateries, brews and Colorado's premier beard product company - BEARD SORCERY! This is going to be an awesome and magic-packed weekend!


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