Top 5 Reasons Men Choose to Grow a Beard

It's sad to think some men go through life without ever growing a beard. It's a rite of passage. A top item in the bucket list of life. Failure to do so is a missed milestone. But that's often not the main reason men grow beards. There's more to it.

So why do guys decide to go hairy? Here are the top 5 reasons men choose to grow a beard.

5. To look more masculine

Let's be honest: beards are manly. Whatever your style, beards are a sure sign of masculinity. They help define your jawline, giving a mature, more attractive image.

For guys who look younger or less masculine, it's a way to settle the issue. That's a major confidence boost.

4. They're lazy

Most stubble is likely just laziness. After all, shaving can be a real chore. But some men take it a step further and swear off shaving altogether. Strange, it seems to grow a beard when arguably beards require more effort. So, if you spot one of these wild and woolly beards in their natural habitat, now you know why. The guy just couldn't be bothered to shave.

3. Their partner loves it

In the words of Meatloaf, I'll do anything for love. For some fellas, that includes growing out their beards. If your partner is lusty for a hirsute hunk, most men are more than happy to oblige.

2. Assert their dominance

As beards grow thicker with age, they're also a sign of dominance, of maturity and esteem. The science backs it up. In one study, bearded men were seen as more dominant than their clean-shaven counterparts.

Growing a beard might be a gamechanger if you're a guy who's getting overlooked in all the meetings. Little wonder, so many men grow out their facial fuzz.

1. Because they can

Why do we climb mountains? Or pen plays? Why do we unlock the secrets of the universe or venture into space? To paraphrase the late great JFK, we do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard. Or perhaps even more simply, we do them because we can. Because they're there waiting to be unlocked.

Beards are no different. They're the mountain every man must climb but once. If you haven't done so yet, at some point, you must.

So, what's your reason for growing a beard? Did you do it because you could, or did your partner persuade you?


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