The Beardcraft Guild's Ultimate Guide to XP and Leveling Up

Ready to Earn Experience Points to Unlock More Beard Items?

You've come to the right place, traveler! We've had our rewards system up and running for some time now, but we never made an official announcement - or a guide - so here we are! 

If you're ready to save extra money and get the same high-quality natural beard care, read up!

Earn XP for Every Purchase

Our rewards program is a great way to earn discounts and get VIP access to cool perks! We're still working on higher tiers for our Guildsmembers, but as soon as it's all set up we'll notify the whole Guild and update this guide. If you haven't joined already, it never hurts to join today - The XP you earn is immediate and can be applied instantly, or saved up for even bigger discounts!

Every 100 XP is equal to $1.00 USD - so the points add up big time.

Click this same button on the bottom right of your screen to get started:

Now, you can earn credit back for every purchase, and double that for on-sale items! We'll always notify the Guild when a Sale item is chosen, but it's up to you to earn the XP.

More ways to save. When you refer a friend, you'll earn 500 XP - as will your ally! That's a 5$ credit towards both of your next orders. It looks like this:

Send that link to your friend, or click an icon to share your referral link to your preferred social media. Your friends will be taken to our storefront to browse. After checkout, they can opt for XP or for a one-time code for USD $5.00 off their next order. Just remember: Points are credited to each account after your friend makes a purchase.

Here's a handy guide for more ways to earn.

Outside of these ways to earn, we'll do random surveys, quizzes, and also be adding additional ways to earn over time. We want our Guildsmembers to get the most out of their Experience Points, so we'll be creating a tiered system for members to track their level. We're going to include exclusive prizes, free shipping coupons, free beard items and so much more!

In case you were wondering, XP never expires. You'll always be able to keep track of your rewards when you're logged in. We can also send reminder emails on your balance.

Here's a small sneak-peak of our XP tiers:

10,000 XP = Beginner Class

20,000 XP = Intermediate Class

40,000 XP - Expert Class

80,000 XP - Legendary Class

We're also planning to come out with awesome t-shirts, cool new dice, and a new scent in November 2022! We'll have plenty more to come, Beardcrafters, stay tuned!


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