Incredible Holiday Gifts for Men with Beards

As a wise man once said: To men, beards are for life, not just for Christmas. Still, that doesn't stop most of us from hoping for some beard goodies from Santa's bag. After all, the big fellow should know more than most the value of impeccable beard care and attention. Those fluffy white locks don't pamper themselves!

However, deciding on the best beard gifts can leave us scratching our heads (and stroking our beards).

Luckily for you, the internet (and Beard Sorcery) is loaded with incredible holiday gifts for men with beards. Discover our beard-tastic selection of gifts below, from the best beard kits for men to luxury beard cream.

5 Best Beard Gifts for Him

Beard oil

No beard connoisseur is complete without a wide choice of beard oils in the morning. If your husband, father, brother, or friend is into fantasy worlds or tabletop games (or just loves a fabulous smelling beard), then look no further than Beard Sorcery blends.

From the cool cedar and teak notes of Storm Warden to refreshing hints of eucalyptus in Druid's Mist, our selection of beard oils are 100% natural, containing no pesticides, dyes, or additives. What's not to like?

Beard grooming set

Our magical, plastic-free Merlin's Tool beard bundle - it's one of the best beard kits for men anywhere on the web.

As part of the set, you'll find a pair of stainless-steel Sorcerer's scissors, a 100% real double-sided sandalwood comb, and a solid beechwood brush made with real boar's hair. We guarantee he'll be impressed - but if he's not, there's always a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Beard trimmer

Depending on the beard, trimming with scissors can be a laborious process. They're essential for creating the final, refined look. However, an electric beard trimmer is a top beard gift for speeding up the grooming process.

You'll want to pick a waterproof beard trimmer with multiple attachments - leaving him with the versatility to decide how he wants to shape his beard. There's nothing quite like it.

In fact, a beard trimmer is a gift that keeps on giving - the gift of a shaped, refined beard.

Leather travel bag

Beard trimmers. A selection of oils. Brushes, combs, and scissors. There's only one question left: where is he going to store all of this?

That's where an immaculate leather travel bag comes in.

Choose a bag made from the highest quality leather that will last for years. Just make sure it's got room for all the necessary beard grooming utensils.

If you feel like really splashing out, hide the other beard goodies inside. It's a present wrapped in a present - now that is a surprise!

Beard Cream

Cream... for your beard. Yes, you read that right. Beard cream is one of the most underappreciated beard products; that's fast-changing. Rich in nutrients, the cream acts as a sort of lotion, locking in the natural oils and helping style the beards.

Creams (also called beard butter) are typically made of either shea butter, coconut butter, or cocoa butter - each has its pros and cons. However, all these products act as a deep-conditioner treatment, nourishing and hydrating the beard.

The result: a soft, bushy beard like you've never seen before.

Final thoughts

Any one of these gifts is likely to go down a storm. For our top choice, we'd have to go with Merlin's Tool beard bundle. From the sandalwood comb to the real boar's hair brush, the materials, design, and finish are quite simply superb - even if we do say so ourselves.

What do you think? Share with us know your recommendations below!


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