Do Men Dye Their Beards? And Should We Judge Them?

Should men dye their beards? There's plenty of men who already dye their hair. And loads of ladies can barely remember what their natural color is. Yet, there's a stigma around men and hair dye. Some see it as vain; others, a rejection of aging gracefully.

Nevertheless, plenty of men regularly reach for the hair dye to change up their beards. Here we ask why? And should we judge them?

Reason men dye their beards

  1. Say no to seasoning. Some men love the salt and pepper look. They've finally become the silver fox. Not everyone agrees, however. For many men, it's a sign that they're getting old, that their best days are behind them. Why have a constant reminder every day in the mirror when you can boost your confidence with a little dye?
  2. Follow the trend. There's more to hair dyes than black and brown. Go wild with bright blue, or add in a streak of yellow. The recent Merman trend – where guys dye their beards blue, green, or purple – is just the latest such fashion to sweep the bearding world.
  3. Going gray young. If you're one of the unfortunate guys who starts going gray in their twenties, you don't want a silver beard and dark hair. That's why dyeing comes in handy.
  4. Ward off the ageism. Going for a new job in your fifties isn't always easy. Though you've got experience on your side, you're often competing with younger candidates. Therefore, dabbing a bit of dye in your beard can negate any ageism involved.

Should we judge?

Hell no! Each to their own, we say. That is, unless it's a dodgy dye job. Like those guys whose hair is so black, it seems to suck in light.

But a tasteful, well-dyed beard can look amazing.

This raises the question…

How do you dye a beard?

Whether you're dyeing your beard yourself or opting for a professional, read the tips below. We do advise using a professional if it's your first time getting your beard dyed.

  • Pick the right color. Matching the color of your beard to your hair color is more difficult than it sounds. That's where a professional can be truly helpful. They'll know how to mix colors to achieve the desired look.
  • Thoroughly wash and oil your beard. Before applying the dye, give your beard a good scrub, removing any dirt trapped between the whiskers. Then, trim it back and rub in a little bit of beard oil to moisturize.
  • Patch test first. Allergic reactions are not fun. That's why it's always best to do a patch test first.
  • Touch up the gray. Don't overdo the dye. Better to touch up the gray areas for a more subtle look.

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