Debunking the Cons of Growing a Beard

Growing a beard is not for the faint-hearted. It's weeks and months of patience. First, there's the itching stage; then, there are the stares as your beard becomes established. Little surprise, then, that some men get put off. But there's a whole host of myths and mischievous lies about beards that you'll hear on your beard growing story. While beards aren't for everyone - though, we believe everyone should try at least once - it's a sad day when a man's put off by one of these falsehoods.

That's why we've set to work debunking the cons of growing a beard.

Beards are Itchy

Yes, beards itch in the very early stages of growth. That's because your skin becomes irritated as the stubble slowly turns into full-grown hairs. But it doesn't last. With a healthy use of beard oil, the underlying skin is kept hydrated, minimizing aggravation. The result: a glistening beard with no itch.

Verdict: False

The More You Shave, the Quicker Your Beard Grows

This one makes some sense at first. Except, there's no evidence that it's true. Beard growth is determined exclusively by genetics and environmental factors, like diet and exercise. So, don't keep shaving your beard expecting it to get bushier - it's just not happening.

Verdict: a big fat lie.

Beards are Gross

That's just not true. Well... maybe it's true for some people. But, then, that's true of any body part. If you don't keep yourself well-groomed, you'll quickly end up more than a little gross. Beards are no different. They require care and attention: regular trims and massages with beard oil, and a full clean routine with beard wash and conditioner.

Fail to do so, and your beard will be grim. Otherwise, anyone who thinks beards are gross isn't worth your time.

Verdict: half-truth.

Beards Aren't Attractive

Isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? Perhaps you've come across those YouTube videos where women rate guys' beards. Except, they're not really rating the beards but the guys themselves. And that's the truth: beards can look great on any guy.

The science backs it up: women prefer men with facial hair.

Verdict: Not true - generally speaking.

Beards Are Too Hot

Beards, aren't they a big bit of insulation in summer? Not really. In fact, they're actually pretty cooling. They help shield your lower face from the sun while letting cooling air flow through. Then, in winter, the process reverses.

Pretty sweet, right?

Verdict: Grade-A-BS. (Not Beard Sorcery but the cow-kind)

Patchy Beards Are Always Patchy

Almost all beards start patchy. But that doesn't mean they stay that way. With a little patience, the beard will begin to fill out, especially when its being cared for properly with great beard products, like beard oil. As our bearded bro Confucius said, "It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop."

Some areas may remain a little sparser than others. However, for most beards, you can hardly notice once fully grown.

Verdict: a little lie.


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