Can Beard Oil Double Up as Shave Oil?

If you're new to all things beardcraft, choosing between the myriad of beard-specific products can be a little intimidating. With beard oils and beard washes, pre-shave oils and beard softeners, there are more ointments and lotions than a potion master's cupboard.

But are all these different products essential? How does beard oil differ from beard softener? (It doesn't really.) And can beard oil double-up as pre-shave oil?

That's the question we're answering today

Beard Oil vs. Pre-Shave Oil: What's the difference?

In short: not a lot. Both oils start with a carrier oil - in Beard Sorcery's oils, we use jojoba oil, avocado oil, virgin argan oil, and more. Then, to the carrier oil, various essential oils are added to the cauldron.

The carrier oil does most of the heavy lifting, providing amazing moisturization and hydration of your beard and skin. With a combination of carrier oils, you can ensure the beard or pre-shave oil is the correct viscosity and won't bring you out in severe acne.

The essential oils, however, function more specifically. First, they spice up the aroma, as they are often extracted from flowers, leaves, and other herbal substances. However, essential oils also boast an array of remarkable properties, from being anti-microbial to helping to soothe inflamed skin. There's even some suggestion that they promote beard growth - though the jury's out.

Wait! Does that mean you can double up?

Pretty much. If the ingredients are the same and look the same, and they smell the same, guess what? They're the same product.

Whilst there might be small variations between the different formulations, there's no need to buy special oil for each occasion. Instead, double up! So, next time you're trimming around the edges of your beard, or giving your mustache a bit of much needed TLC, dab a little beard oil into your shaving lather.

However, as a pro tip, it's better to use beard oil to shave rather than shave oil for your beard. Why? Well, shave oil is specifically designed for extra lubricity - to help the razor glide smoothly over your face. That can leave your beard a little greasy, after you've shaved since there's no longer hair to absorb the oils. The same isn't true of the reverse, though - beard oil has many useful applications.

So, there you go! No need to keep throwing away cash on lots of oils. Beard oil is the ultimate multipurpose oil: it's magic!


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