Book of Beardcraft: How to Trim Your Mustache in 6 Easy Steps

The mustache is back! After a long time lost in the wilderness, the mustache is no longer exclusive with the creepy rogue down your local tavern.

But with so long off the facial hair menu, knowing how to style and trim a mustache has fallen out of practice. Well, no worry. We've resurrected this lost art and will share with you all the secret tips you need to know.

So, unsheathe your scissors and ready your comb - it's trimming time!

  1. Ready Your Tools

To trim your mustache, you're going to need:

  • Beard comb
  • Scissors
  • Beard or mustache trimmer
  • Mirror

Set up in a well-lit room like a bathroom. Make sure you've got good visibility and somewhere to catch the trimmed hair.

2. Ready Your Moustache

Like going for a haircut, recently washed hair is softer and cleaner to cut. Use a gentle shampoo and rub it into the mustache vigorously. Then, wash.

Whilst you're busy washing your mustache, think of the style of mustache you're after. Are you looking for a Latin Zorro look or a uber-masculine Tom Selleck? Either way, knowing where you want to end up is half the battle.

3. Comb Your Moustache

Using your mustache comb, work all the hairs downward, over the lips. In a few strokes, you'll quickly see the hairs in dire need of a trim. If you don't have a mustache comb, you can use a regular comb. However, you'll want a comb with wider teeth, preferably made of wood, meaning you can move the comb through your mustache without getting stuck - painful!

4. Trim Below the Upper Lip

Using your scissors or trimmer, remove the hairs closest to the upper lip. Make small cuts and don't leave too much of a gap. When trimming my mustache, I start from the outside and work in - it makes it much easier to get an even line. Then, do the opposite side.

5. Trim Above the Mustache

Ever notice those unruly hairs around the nose? They need to be trimmed too. How you shape your mustache is your decision, but removing a few upper hairs is generally a good idea, giving a cleaner look.

6. Remove the bulk

If your mustache is thinner, skip this step. But if your mustache is thicker than a lion's mane, it's time to thin out the beast. Thinning out a mustache is harder than it looks, however.

Start by moving the comb up through the mustache, trimming any hairs that extend beyond the comb's teeth. Be careful not to remove too much hair. If you don't feel comfortable, some trimmers come with a de-thickening setting or guide.

And that's it. You've now successfully trimmed your mustache. For extra points, lather up with beard oil to give it that luxurious sheen.


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