Book of Beardcraft: Beard Growth Tips

There's no magic trick to grow a beard. No illusion or potion. But there is a little Beard Sorcery that'll help your beard grow faster.

Look: we know the bane of beard growth. Whether you're struggling with genetics or patchy fuzz, you're not alone. Nor are you doomed to a beardless life.

Here are the top tips you need to follow to grow that thick and lush beard of which you've always dreamed.

Thou Shalt Not Give Up

The first mistake all men make when they grow a beard is to give up. Just as the beard becomes itchy or scraggly, they shave the lot off. Don't! If you want the beard of a king, you need to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks before you begin to trim.

Yes, you'll look like you've been lost in the wilderness. But it's only a month or so. To rephrase a saying, a beard is for life, not just a fortnight.

Honor Your Diet

You are what you eat is as true for your beard as your belly. For optimum beard growth, you'll need a hearty tavern meal. That means lots of protein - the critical ingredient in hair growth. So, pile up your plate with beef, chicken, eggs, and fish.

Next, laden up on fruits and vegetables. These provide the essential vitamins and minerals needed for good growth. If you're dining on takeout and trash, first, you'll be dropping testosterone, and second, you won't be growing a thick beard before Christmas.

Remember, diet, diet, diet.

Thou Shalt Exercise Daily

If you're starting to get the idea, you'll realize beard health = body health. When relaxed and fit, your body works in tip-top condition. If not, then your body won't find non-essential tasks, e.g., beard growth, at the top of its to-do list.

So, get lifting weights or running hard. Exercise also raises your testosterone levels, which are critical to beard growth.

Let there be sleep

It's not just princesses who need their beauty sleep. Sleep helps promote beard growth and repair damaged skin cells. Overall, it keeps all systems running at optimum.

Thou Shalt Go Easy on the Tankards

Alcohol dehydrates the body and skin. Lowering your hydration level is a major impediment to beard growth. It'll also leave your hair looking dry and brittle. Instead, drink plenty of water.

Next time you're down the tavern with your raiding party, stick to two or three tankards.

Remember Your Beard Oil

From the moment the first follicle appears, apply beard oil daily or every other day. It will guarantee healthy, clean skin and helps nourish hair throughout growth. Some even claim that it promotes beard growth. Also, the act of massaging the face has been associated with increased hair growth by improving circulation.


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