Beard Dandruff Prevention: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Beardruff

There's one thing they don't warn you about when growing a beard: beardruff! If you fail to keep your underlying skin and beard unmoisturized and hydrated, it will dry out. Next thing you know, skin is flaking off and clogging up your beard. Disgusting!

But just as you can solve dandruff on your scalp, there are also multiple remedies for keeping your beardruff at bay.

First... What even is beardruff?

Beardruff is the dry flakes of the underlying skin. They'll often look white and can become tangled up in your beard. Even worse, beardruff typically leaves your beard extremely itchy. So, not only do you shed skin, you may even draw blood when having a good scratch.

Tip #1 Avoid Shampoo, Try Conditioner

Shampoos and body washes aren't designed with your bearded face in mind. Thus, if you're routinely applying them to your face - even brilliant dandruff buster Head and Shoulders - you might just end up severely drying your skin. Shampoo also strips your beard hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle.

Instead, use a conditioner to clean your beard. It'll still give it a good clean, but without drying it out. If you're looking for something even more specific, use a beard wash or beard softener. These formulations are specially crafted to soothe the underlying skin and hydrate your hair.

Tip #2 Beard Oil. Beard Oil. Beard Oil.

It cannot be said enough times: beard oil. It's the not-so-secret ingredient behind all the greatest beards. Even Gandalf probably kept a bottle stashed up his wizard's sleeve. Using a solid all-around beard oil will hydrate and moisturize your beard as well as the underlying skin.

Adding beard oil into your daily routine is an absolute no-brainer. And what better beard oil to choose than one from our mystical collection. With Virgin Argan oil and Pure Jojoba oil serving as carriers, your beard literally can't get much more hydrated. It's magic!

Tip #3 Stop Stroking Your Beard

Yes, we know all the greatest wizards and kings stroked their beards. Hell - It's half the reason to grow one. But if you're regularly picking and prodding at your facial fuzz, you're more likely to develop a serious case of beardruff - trust us!

Follow these tips, and you're sure to get your beardruff under control. Oh, and don't forget to put on sunscreen - even through a thick beard, your skin can still get burnt. Now that's painful!


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