Beard Competitions: A Brief But Bushy History

Yes! Beard contests are absolutely a thing. While most of us style our beards for ourselves or our partners, some men take it to the next level. Competing with beard growers from all over the world, they go head-to-head to find out who has the biggest, longest, or most elaborately styled beard.

Nor are there any rules: except no fake beards allowed. So, feel free to go wild with balms, oils, and waxes. Whatever makes your beard stand out.

Most beard competitions are fairly small scale. But a few attract competitors from across the globe. Though lots of guys take it seriously, there's always a fun and friendly atmosphere. It's just a fantastic opportunity to connect and relax with all the beard bros, and usually benefit some kind of charity (who doesn't love a feel-good beard moment?) 

Here are some of the biggest and best competitions worldwide.

National Mustache and Beard Championship

The greatest competition in the United States, where the titans of beardcraft gather to determine who boasts the best beard that year. The location of the competition varies from year to year, and all the proceeds go to a charity that helps in those in poverty of affected by disasters.

There are 18 categories to compete in, anyone can enter, and the grand prize is an all-expense trip to the following year's competition.

World Beard and Mustache Championship

If you reckon you've got the greatest beard this side of the Milky Way, enter the World Beard and Mustache Associations premier competition. No amateurs allowed!

There are 16 categories, from mustaches to full beards.

The 2019 WBMC was held in Antwerp in May of 2019. The event hosts Snorrenclub Antwerpen donated proceeds from the event to the non-profit association Independent Life. Winners earn nothing more than bragging rights and a shiny plaque: what more do you want?

Braw and Beard Mustache Championships

​ Via brawbmc Facebook Page

Based outside the US? Try heading to Scotland for this exceptional beard competition. Anyone is allowed to have a go: so long as you've got a bit of facial fuzz. There's plenty of categories in which to compete. And, being in Scotland, there's even a best ginger beard category.

​Via brawbmc Facebook Page

Final thoughts

So, fancy your chances? Do you think you have what it takes to be crowned the world's greatest beard? If so, enter one of these fun competitions and see if you're a GOATee or a facial failure. Good luck!

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