5 Hottest Beard Trends You Need to Know in 2021

If you've acquired a healthy growth of beard hair over the long lockdowns, you may be debating whether to shave it all off now everything's opening up. But before you start hacking off your beard like a Witcher carving up a monster, check out the hottest beard trends in 2021.

Remember, the beard can be a sign of respect and prestige. The time when your boyish shaved cheeks finally become a man. But that all depends on the right style; otherwise, you risk looking a little like a homeless hermit.

Check out our guide of the hottest beard trends in 2021 below:


Committing to a full beard takes months, even years. But if you're looking for an instant rugged look, stubble is the ultimate low-effort look. Ranging from short and trimmed to a more long, gritty look, stubble has remained popular for a reason.

All it takes is a few days doing sweet nothing. Then tidy round the edges.


If you're looking for a full beard with character, try the ducktail. Rather than opt for the bulk of other full beard styles, the ducktail trims up the cheeks, bringing the beard into a broad point. The tapered look is meant to resemble a duck's tail, hence the name.

For those new to beard styling, head over to your local barbershop for the initial shaping. That way, you don't wreck six months of growth.

Van Dyke

Named for the Flemish painter Sir Anthony Van Dyck, this classic style hasn't gone out of fashion since the 1600s. With a detached mustache and goatee, the Van Dyke has proved popular with everyone, from ex-007 Pierce Brosnan to the charming Christian Bale.

Traditionally, wearers kept the chin beard long and pointed, but these days anything goes.


Spent the time growing out your full beard, but want to add a dash of character? Here, the mustache is usually styled as a handlebar or English style to give a distinctive flair.

The Verdi isn't for the faint-hearted, however. It takes significant care and maintenance to keep the Verdi looking twirled, brushed, and well-oiled. Still, the results ooze confidence with a head-turning display.

Full beard

The classics are classic for a reason. Full beards aren't for the man who slavishly follows the latest style. Taking months of patient growth, it's the mark of the determined man. Consisting of a full and even growth over the chin, cheeks, and mustache, not everyone has the right genetics for this style.

But, every man lucky enough to be able to grow a full beard should do so at least once in a lifetime. Or even better, keep it for life. Just remember to lavish the hair with oil to keep it looking as resplendent as ever.


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