5 Benefits of Brushing and Combing Your Beard

Listen to some so-called "beard experts," and you'd think that to master beardcraft, you'd have to spend a small fortune. Beyond the basics of beard oil, they talk of beard butter, shampoos, and all manner of other fancy products.

However, too many guys fail to complete the basics before moving on to these "advanced" products. For example, combing or brushing your beard daily is a critical step that can revolutionize a lackluster beard. From improved texture to greater strength, there is nothing more important to beardcraft than the trusty beard brush.

Our boar bristle beard brush is a top tool that can't be replicated with nylon brushes. Below we'll explain why this is a worthy investment and explore some of the incredible benefits of brushing your beard.

Let's get started.

5 Benefits of brushing and combing your beard

Exfoliates the skin

Deep below your hair, a beard can have a serious dry skin problem. In fact, these flakes of dry skin can easily ruin a beard's appearance. That's without endlessly wiping the "beardruff" off your clothes and surroundings.

The solution is simple: a boar bristle beard brush gets down between the hairs, gently exfoliating the underlying skin and dislodging any dead skin stuck in the beard. Brushing your beard daily can help remove these dead skin cells and dirt clogging up an otherwise magnificent beard.

Distributes products and oils

Do you ever find it hard to rub your beard oil down into the deeper layers of your beard? Do you find it clogs and clumps near the surface? Brushing your beard after applying oil will help spread the oil evenly throughout your beard - from the roots to the tips.

After all, with just a light oil coating, your beard looks healthy and nourished, not greasy and patchy. That's also true for other products like butter, balms, waxes, and pomades - using the brush is the best way to apply the product into the deepest recesses of your facial fuzz.

Trains the beard

Training your beard doesn't mean getting it to do tricks. It's about applying forces to the beard that flatten and straighten out any unruly hairs. Continually brushing or combing your beard "teaches" the hairs to go in the same direction - we call this training.

Using a boar bristle beard brush is ideal for this task; these brushes act much like human hair, preventing the tugging and pulling combs and other brushes struggle with - that can cause breakages and split-ends. However, if you get any tangles, a Sandalwood beard comb is a really useful solution.

Softens the beard

No one really wants coarse, raggedy beards; we want soft, luxurious beards. That's where brushing your beard comes in. Not only does brushing the beard distribute your beard oil and products and exfoliate the skin, but it also softens the skin and hairs. After brushing, your beard should feel smoother as you run your fingers through it. That makes sense; you're spreading the moisture and nourishment throughout the beard while removing any dry skin flakes. The result is a beard as soft and clean as you could wish.

Stimulates natural sebum

The skin naturally produces sebum oil. Without washing, it gives a greasy appearance; but it does serve a purpose. Sebum coats the hair shafts, moisturizing and softening them. For maximum benefit, avoid overwashing and brush your beard regularly. The brushing will distribute the sebum evenly and remove some excess in between washes.


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